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If you have an aquarium or you're looking to get one we provide everything you could need in one place.


Visit our store in Grays and enjoy a family day out looking at our wide range of colourful fish. We have all the accessories and plants to go with an aquarium.

Affordable aquariums

A range of aquariums

Visit us today to see our great selection or call us for more information on:

01375 413 040

If you are looking to create a pond for your home or business we have the equipment and materials you need.


From plants to fish and pumps to filters, we have it all and our experts can offer the best recommendations tailored to your requirements.

Professional ponds

Ponds and equipment

We offer an installation and maintenance service for ponds and aquariums in the surrounding area.


We can help to design a pond and we offer affordable seasonal cleans to keep it looking at its best. Visit us today or contact us for more information.

Expertly installed

Installation and maintenance

We are a family run business with over 30 years' experience. We are willing and helpful and provide expert advice to all you hobbyists. You'll be amazed what a difference getting a pond or an aquarium can do to your home. Spend hours endlessly gazing at beautiful fish or relaxing to the flow and trickle of a water feature in a perfect pond.

Fish 'n' Things

Fish 'n' Things in Grays, Essex provides an extensive selection of everything you could need for a pond or aquarium tailored to your taste and budget.

Expertly installed